So you’d like a double garage door. But which kind?

The Garage Door Company Scotland

Across southern Scotland, the perennial question that property owners who are interested in double garage doors ask our advisors from Glasgow to Edinburgh, from Kilmarnock to Dundee: what are the relative benefits of the different kinds? Homeowners like double doors for their convenience as well as for their prestige. They’re a great way of enhancing a garage’s practicality, particularly when installed by professional garage door experts. The different kinds of double garage door deliver similar yet various advantages.

For example, sectional garage doors consist of horizontal panels that are hinged together. These panels are raised in order to open the door, and they then slide along a set of tracks fitted directly under the ceiling. Sectional garage doors are robust and offer good security. Retrofitting automation is a cinch, and these are perfect garage doors if you’re looking for a double garage doors for a garage which has an unusually shaped or outsized entrance. We tend to see – at our branches in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kilmarnock and Dundee – that garage doors of this kind find favour with those people who hope to maximise the usable space in their garage.

Roller garage doors, in common with sectional doors, are comprised of horizontal panels, but in the case of roller doors they roll upwards and around a drum above the garage entrance. Roller garage doors are compact in design, so that they take up little space. They’re pretty tough, offer great security, and are operated with ease.

Side sliding garage doors slide horizontally, as you might have guessed. When fully open, they sit flush against the garage wall. They’re the ideal option if your garage has a low ceiling or an unconventional roof shape. Side sliding garage doors offer the advantage for a double garage with a wide opening that they can be opened partially when you don’t require or wish your garage door to be opened fully. Just like the other door types mentioned above, side sliding doors offer good security.

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