Ensuring smooth operation: check those garage door springs!

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With branches in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kilmarnock and Dundee, we repair garage doors across southern Scotland. Here are some tips on spotting worn springs.

Is your garage door not opening and closing as smoothly as it used to? The problem might lie in the springs. Well-functioning springs are crucial for the smooth operation of your garage door, because they counterbalance the weight, making it easier to open and close without excessive effort. If your garage door has been in use for a long time and is becoming hard work to open and close, it’s worth checking if the springs are wearing out.

There are two main types of garage door spring: torsion springs and extension springs:-

Torsion Springs: these are installed above the garage door, and are typically found on sectional garage doors. They work by winding and unwinding to raise and lower the door.

Extension Springs: these are mounted on either side of the door and stretch and contract to support the door’s weight. Extension springs are commonly used on single-garage doors.

We have extensive experience in garage door repairs across southern Scotland, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kilmarnock, and Dundee. Here are some tips from our technicians on diagnosing common issues:-

Corrosion or fraying: inspect your garage door springs for signs of rust or fraying, which can indicate the need for replacement.

Sagging Door: if your garage door is sagging, the springs might not be providing adequate support.

Unstable Door: difficulty in operating the door smoothly might be more than just an inconvenience; it could pose a safety risk if the door becomes unstable. Loud noises: excruciating squeaks or grinding sounds when opening or closing the door suggest the springs might be worn out. Uneven movement: jerking or uneven movement when operating the door can indicate worn springs, potentially stressing the opener and other components. Increased resistance: if the door is suddenly harder to open or close, it could signal a spring failure, indicating the springs can no longer support the door’s weight properly.

Attempting to repair or replace faulty springs yourself can be dangerous and isn’t recommended, unless you’re a qualified engineer. For safety’s sake and to ensure your garage door operates smoothly post-repair, entrust the job to experienced and qualified garage door experts.

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