Choosing the right garage door

The Garage Door Company Scotland

Given the wide range of models available and considering the longevity of garage doors, it’s important that you make the right choice. The Garage Door Company Scotland is here to help. Our garage doors advisors at our branches in in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kilmarnock and Dundee will talk you through the relative merits of each type of door.

There’s certainly plenty to consider. Up-and-over-garage doors are easy to install and easy to maintain. It’s worth considering that this type of door can be heavy to lift, and it swings outwards as it opens, meaning there needs to be a certain amount of free space in front of the garage. However, these are popular garage doors in southern Scotland, especially as the weight of the door needn’t actually be an issue: automation is possible.

If you need to go in and out of your garage often on foot, side hinged garage doors offer great flexibility in that regard. A side-hinged garage door is ideal for foot access. If it’s a double door model, the two doors can be opened, closed and locked individually. Moreover, both doors can be the same size or one larger than the other.

We install many roller garage doors in southern Scotland, as they save space, have insulated panels, offer a choice of manual or automated operation, and feature a barrel mechanism that rolls to retract and extend the door.

Similarly convenient, sectional garage doors operate on a track, so that they run conveniently into the space directly under the garage ceiling.

Indeed sectional and roller garage doors are superb space savers and good insulators, and they’re supremely user friendly. They operate upwards and horizontally and take up little space within the garage. They feature very effective seals and can be double-skinned or filled with insulating foam. They’re lightweight and can easily be fitted with a remote controller.

Choose wisely! Whatever your particular requirements, The Garage Door Company are here to guide you through the options and help you make the choice that’s right for you. Talk to one of our advisors at your nearest branch.

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